Nemaska moves to Step 2 of Deconfinement Plan related to travel

March, 10 2022

Persons who have returned from an area of risk (as shown on CNG map) must still take a rapid test upon arrival at the gate (Day 1) if they have stayed in area of risk for more than 72 hours. Persons who have received a negative test (administered by a recognized testing authority) within 72 hours upon arrival, are still exempt from the test on Day 1.


Furthermore, the measures will be reduced to the following:

– For Fully Vaccinated:

o A rapid test at the Fire Hall on Day 3 & 5

o Reduced Activity Protocol no longer mandatory

– Less than Fully Vaccinated:

o A rapid test on Day 3, 5 & 7; and

o Mandatory 7 days Reduced Activity Protocol (instead of 10 days)