All COVID-19 Mandatory Restrictions lifted in Nemaska

May, 23 2022

Based on the current situation in Eeyou Istchee and in the province of Quebec, we are pleased to announce that the Council has decided to lift all mandatory COVID-19 related restrictions in Nemaska. We must now learn to live with COVID-19. However, should there be an outbreak that we are unable to manage, or should there be a variant deemed to pose a more serious threat to the Community, the Council will assess the need to reapply certain restrictions.

The measures being lifted are the following:

Effective May 24, 2022:

Mask-wearing requirements in most public buildings are no longer mandatory (with exception of certain entities such as ELMS and local CMC)

No limits on indoor or outdoor gatherings

Effective June 3, 2022:

Abolishment of Law No. 142 Respecting Measures to Manage the Spread of COVID-19 through Mandatory Testing

Abolishment of Law No. 143 Respecting Measures to Contain the Spread of Covid-19 through Mandatory Self-Isolation

– Removal of Security at the checkpoint

– Removal of Security at public buildings

– Returning to normal hygiene and disinfection routines in public buildings

Although the Council has lifted all mandatory restrictions, residents are still encouraged to follow the basic precautionary measures, such as:

– Staying home when experiencing flu-like symptoms

– Practicing physical distancing

– Washing hands regularly with soap or a hand sanitizer (especially when entering a public building)

– Sneezing and coughing in your elbow

– Discarding tissues properly in a trash bin

We also strongly recommend that residents test themselves in the following situations:

– They have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive with COVID-19

– They have flu-like symptoms

– They have travelled to another region

Rapid tests can be picked up at the Fire Hall Mondays to Fridays between 9 am and 5 pm.

The Regional Public Health also recommends medical isolation for a period of seven days for those who have tested positive or have been in close contact to someone who has tested positive.

Local CMC

The Local CMC continues to administer COVID-19 tests. Residents can make an appointment to obtain a test should they have flu-like symptoms, or should they have been in close contact with someone who tested positive.

COVID-19 vaccination will continue to be offered at the local clinic. Residents can contact the Local CMC to book an appointment to receive either first or second dose of the vaccine or the first or second booster.

Furthermore, mask-wearing requirements remain in effect at the Local CMC and other CBHSSJB buildings.


Certain measures remain in effect at the school. Students are still required to complete the Daily Health Check before entering the school and mask-wearing requirements are still mandatory in common areas but not in classrooms.

Moreover, considering the current situation and the lifting of certain measures, extra-curricular activities will resume shortly.220524 Public Notice