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Clarence Jolly


greg jolly picture

Greg Jolly

Deputy Chief

george wapachee picture

George Wapachee

Director General

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Chief & Council

Council Members

Council Members

The Council is a continuing body consisting of the council members holding office pursuant to the Cree Naskapi (of Quebec) Act and By-law No. 87 respecting elections.

Anderson Jolly

Council Member

Walter Jolly

Council Member

Edna Neeposh

Council Member

Edna L. Neeposh​

Council Member

John Henry Wapachee

Council Member

Mission & Vision

The Cree Nation of Nemaska is committed to providing top quality services and programs to meet the needs of its community members, while respecting and promoting Cree Culture and values. Together, we will ensure the general welfare, economic and social development of our members and build a prosperous community.

The Cree Nation of Nemaska strives to be a proud community respectful of our individual and collective obligations, demonstrating strong ethics in order to achieve growth through sustainable human and economic development.


Administration, Chief & Council

Title of Position Name
Chief Clarence Jolly
Deputy Chief Greg Jolly
Corporate Secretary Laurence Gagnon
Executive Assistant Brenda Jane Wapachee
Director General George Wapachee
Deputy Director General Ruth Jolly

Human Ressources

Title of Position Name
Director of Human Resources Lori-Ann Wapachee
Office Coordinator Nancy Wapachee Sr.
Office Secretary Nancy Wapachee Jr.
Receptionist Shannon Trapper


Title of Position Name
Treasurer Janet Moar
Finance Supervisor Brenda Blacksmith
Accounts Payable Janie Wapachee
Accounts receivable Charlotte Wapachee
CFO Raynald Boutin
Payroll Clerk Vacant

Social Development

Title of Position Name
Director of Social Development Deborah Wapachee
Sports Complex Bill Blackned
Youth Development Coordinator Jean Meskino
Cultural and Special Projects Coordinator John Paul Wapachee
Wellness Supervisor Stella Moar


Title of Position Name
Director of Housing Johnny Trapper
Housing Maintenance Supervisor Oliver Bobbish

Public Health & Safety

Title of Position Name
Director of Public Health and Safety Clarence Jason Jolly
Fire Chief Neil Wapachee

Land & Sustainable Development

Title of Position Name
Director of Land & Sustainable Development Matthew Tanoush
Economic Development Officer Robert Kitchen
Finance and Benefits Counsellor Elizabeth Tanoush
Local Niskamoon Coordinator Stella Jolly

Public Works

Title of Position Name
Director of Public Works Kevin Diamond