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Nemaska is a small Cree community located on the shores of Lake Champion, in Quebec, Canada. Nemaska is a wonderful place to relax while taking in the natural beauty of our vast territory. From Nemaska you can travel easily to the other communities, or explore the surrounding wilderness in any season.
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Our History

Nemaskau Eenouch have a rich and remarkable History & Heritage.

The Nemaskau Eenouch have since time immemorial lived in and around Nemaskau Sagaheegan Lake (Nemaska Lake in Old Nemaska), where the fish are plentiful.

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Chief & Council

The Chief, Deputy Chief & Members of the Council of the Cree Nation of Nemaska

The Cree Nation of Nemaska is committed to providing top quality services and programs to meet the needs of its community members, while respecting and promoting Cree Culture and values.

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nemaskaDiscover Nemaska

The community of Nemaska which means “Place to Fish” is nestled on the shore of beautiful Champion Lake. Centrally located, Nemaska is a wonderful place to relax while taking in the natural beauty of our vast territory.

We see tourism as an opportunity to both protect and promote our rich cultural heritage and amazing traditional lands. We want to promote sustainable methods of tourism by supporting the involvement and participation of local residents; and we want to encourage you - our visitors - to actively immerse yourself in our community and enjoy a journey of personal discovery.

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Activities in Nemaska

Summer & Fall Activities

Summer & Fall activities that include sight seeing tours, canoe & camping excursions, Sleep under the stars in traditional tee-pee and many more.

Winter Activities

Winter activities that include ice fishing on Rupert's river & Champion Lake, Snowshoe walking, Dogsledding and Snowmobile excursions, and many more.

Old Nemaska Days

Annual gathering and celebrations at the Old Nemaska post, the orginal settlement of the Nemaska Eenouch. All are welcome to this event. Boat service available.

Visit the Rupert River

Visit the Rupert River, one of the largest rivers in Quebec. Enjoy a leisurely canoe trip and visit camps and familiesd along the Rupert river.


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